Thank you, Grimm Girl!

Thank you, Grimm Girl for nominating me for one of the people to get a Libester award! I don’t really know what to do here and I don’t know many people on here to nominate so I guess I am just going to answer the questions that have been asked of me and then ask all of my readers a question for all of them to answer at the end!

Also I am sorry for not writing a lot for a long time! I have been in deep revision, I can’t even tell you! My exams are all over now though so I am finally free!!

Nominated for a Liebster Award? Why Thank You! – grimmgirldotcom
Nominated for a Liebster Award? Why Thank You!

Why did you decide to start your blog?

I decided to start my blog because I thought it would be fun to see what people had to say about my favourite animes and games)) I think it’s good to know other people’s opinion!

Have you ever watched anime? And if so which is your favourite?

I don’t have a particular favourite because there are many I adore but I would say my top favourite three are Attack On Titan, Blue Exorcist and Ouran Highschool Host Club (my last one is my guilty pleasure: Junjou Romantica(*^◯^*) )

Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?

Introvert aha not completely but more so than an extrovert!

What’s a hobby you have outside of blogging?

I like to write)) I never finish a story but I have a lot I try and continue!

Have you ever read any of the Grimm fairytales? If so which is your favourite story?

I have read some of them but not all! I would probably say that my favourite is Cinderella!

If you had to describe your life as a movie title, what title would that be?

Umm.. Probably “Dreaming of America” because I want to get into an American university so I am working hard towards that!

If you could meet any fictional character who would you meet?

This is a hard one not gonna lie… Although I think it might be Link from The Legend of Zelda! Just cause I’m probably want to be Midna or something 😂

Who’s your go-to makeup brand?

Bobbi Brown(^-^)

What are you top-notch at preparing food wise?

Either spaghetti carbonara or in baking wise I would say chocolate brownies (*^^*)

What was the last movie, book or TV show that made you cry?

Big Hero 6 – one of the best films))
Around that time I was watching an anime called “Ano Hana” because people had told me it was a good anime so I went for it and I was upset for days – ALONG WITH BIG HERO 6!!

Thank you for reading comment below if you’d like to answer this question: 

What’s your favourite food and why? 

Give a like if you enjoyed knowing more about me and thank you again Grimm Girl*\(^o^)/*

Bye for now, guys! (^-^)

Bobbi x 


Death Note…

Heya guys!

Sorry I haven’t really posted anything recently. I have been SO busy with studying – it’s exam season and I am overwhelmed with work! My brother (he’s freaking amazing by the way) lets call him Phoenix, maybe this is because this is his favourite character ever in his life. He even has the Phoenix Wright ringtone. Yup I know, he’s obessesed but he’s a good obsessesed fan. I mean I have the spirited away theme (One Summer’s Day).

Confession time. – I love the Phoenix Wright Ace Attourney game and I was SO happy when the anime came out! It may also be the fact that the character Phoenix Wright has Yuki Kaji as his voice actor (who is the voice actor for Eren Jaeger ❤ ) Oh and you may also guess that I ship Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix to the fullest >.<

Anyway! Back to my lovely title that is “DEATH NOTE…” and back to the subject of my amazing brother Phoenix.


When I got it I think I did exactly what Light did when he first wrote in his book – and his crazy pen writing (which I pretended to do but not actually touch pen with paper 😂) I also had the epic music in the background… (^O^)/

DEATHNOTE is probably my favourite anime but I can’t really say that because then I think of Sebastian with his beautiful devil eyes and Grell standing next to me doing the same fangirl face I am… *snaps out of trance* 

So anyway I know it’s silly but I’m scared to write anything in my DEATHNOTE – it’s fresh, smells amazing – good book smell, my goodness but I am not comfortable writing any name down in the book. Tempted to use it for plans or something and not mention ANY names! 

Do you get what I mean? I know it’s a huge superstition but still… 

I can’t be like Light Yagami guys I just can’t! I don’t even have a cake-loving-funny-extremely-intelligent-detective to put me in the wrong and know I’m Kira! So what’s the point? >_<

I’ll blog more about this dangerous item I have obtained when I have more time – so probably this weekend! 

Goodbye for now guys ~ hope you had/having a good day ~ ! 



Happy Fan(^o^)

Hey guys!! Sorry I haven’t posted anything for days – I’ve been back at school and it’s been absolutely hectic. 

Anyway! Back to the matter at hand, the reason why I am so happy is because one of my best friends got me the best birthday present I could’ve ever asked for. Now let me give you some context beforehand. 

If you do not know what the word “ship” means in a matter of “shipping” a couple together from something or even real life. It’s basically shipping any two people from a series in your mind and making them a couple. Usually my ships are mostly yaoi ships, (yaoi is boys love 😉 ) 

My ultimate favorite ship will have to be Eren Jaëger and Levi Ackerman from Attack On Titan. At first I didn’t really ship anyone as I never really thought about it like that. I discovered yaoi (which I will explain how in a blog another day aha) and then I rewatched Attack On Titan and I couldn’t get over Eren and Levi – Ereri. 

Argh just look at dem (*^◯^*)

My best friend knows how much I love these two and she loves yaoi too so she understands this ship. She doesn’t ship it as much as me but she still understands and fully accepts it (^-^)

This is what she got for my birthday…. 


I was so happy I cried and hugged her for eternity! And now they are sitting on my bedside table together – the cuties ❤️

Sorry about rambling today, just wanted to share how damn happy I was! I hope you have all had a good week the last week! I also hope you’ve all been as happy as I have *\(^o^)/* 

Thanks for reading(^-^)

Bobbi xoxo

Otome girl. 

Hey guys! I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday! – mine being very sleepy but full of studying with exams coming up soon etc. 

2 days ago I mentioned how I fell into the world that is Anime. That time being about 4 years ago now. The next development that occurred in this world of mine was otome games – typically voltage inc. games for the mobile, tablet etc. 

I was quite bored one day and I’d just finished a good anime – this being “Ouran High School Host Club” which by the way is an extremely good anime and it is one I watch when I feel a bit down and it cheers me up every time (^-^)

Anyway! I thought about app games so I typed into the search engine: “anime games” and this came up with a game called “Our two bedroom story” – I read the description and my reaction was basically this: 

As if I had my own screen of my life I would be looking at the camera of my life doing that face ^^ *breaking the fourth wall there* my curiousity spiked immediately and I went for it – What have I got to lose? 

Oh I was wrong – I lost my attraction in real men. My dreams soon turned animated more than they already were. I didn’t even like men’s nipples anymore because of these otome games. I mean I already thought anime guys were hotter than normal guys but these voltage games dragged me deeper into the dark side… 

Kaoru’s love was just too much for me clearly… – he is from “Our Two Bedroom Story” 


Why am I so attracted to this? Well I guess I don’t have an answer – I do know something though if I get annoyed with any of ma men on these wonderful otome games – I can just switch them off and come back to them when I want to >_< 

I think that’s the best relationship 😂 

Now I’m going to show you something adorable and someone who is adorable~

Riku and his dog Cielo ❤️ from “My First Last Kiss” – also from voltage inc. 

He is definitely one of my favourites *\(^o^)/*

If you want beautiful anime men who fall in love with you and give you sweet words and have sweet bodies then Voltage Inc. games are for you! 

If you’ve played these kind of games before and you have your favourite characters and games then please comment them below! Some of them I may not of tried out yet so I need your opinion guys(^o^)

Hope you’re having a lovely day and I’ll give you all another blog in a couple of days! 

さよならー (Goodbye~) 

Bobbi xoxo

The Beginning. 

Hello guys! 

My name is Bobbi – well that’s what my name is on here anyway! 

I have never thought to do a blog about anything really before so this is a new start. I used to keep diaries, this meant writing all the unecessary things that happened in my life. (E.g. The weather, what food I had and how I was feeling on that particular day) 

I soon gave up if course and if any of you have kept a diary and stuck to it then I applaud you, seriously! 

Anyway  I’m writing this blog not about what the weather was today but I am writing about something I discovered. 


One little word ruined me for life but also enlightened me. Okay now I know most of you are thinking that anime is just some Japanese cartoons and you can think that all you want. 

But! I thought that too trust me, I was pretty geeky already – played a few games etc (perks of having older brothers you see) then I discovered this thing “Anime” a friend of mine – lets call her Ryo showed this wonderful thing to me. 

She made me watch one episode of this anime called “Attack On Titan”  

 Now let me tell you something – WOW. First episode and my mouth was gaping open in surprise and I didn’t even mind the Japanese or that I had to read subtitles – I was so into it that it didn’t matter! 
I like the futuristic idea of what would happen to us if something something happened. When I watched AOT I was amazed at the storyline, the art style and the characters decisions and ways that I had to know what happened. 

Usually I feel something like this for wanting to know what happens between Blair and Chuck in Gossip Girl but this really struck me. 

Soon enough I’d finished the whole anime. I binged watched the whole thing in a matter of two days. Crazy shiz. 

If you are still wondering what the title means – it means the beginning of my crash landing descend into the world of anime and I would like to take you bloggers/readers on that journey with me. 

I promise I won’t have spoilers – I hate it when my best friend does that to me -.- 

Anyway I gotta hit the hay my fellow bloggers/readers, 

Bobbi – offline. (*^o^*)